Criteria for Selecting Sponsorships

Skogman Companies believes in supporting and investing in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves in actively giving back and supporting our local schools, cultural organizations, service groups, and nonprofits. Skogman does prioritize events, organizations, or initiatives that are aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities that Skogman Companies serve.  We receive numerous sponsorship requests each year and unfortunately we cannot accept all of them. Below is a list of sponsorship criteria and priorities Skogman uses to evaluate each sponsorship request.

  1. Is the event/program compatible with and will it reinforce Skogman’s values, mission statement, and commitment to the community?
  2. Does the event/program enhance Skogman’s brand awareness?
  3. Does the event/program highlight Skogman’s services to a relevant target audience?
  4. Will it enhance Skogman’s reputation?
  5. Will there be opportunities to strengthen Skogman’s customer and business relations or generate new contacts?
  6. Will the event/program provide an added value or benefit to Skogman customers and staff?
  7. Will the event/program bring a lasting benefit to the local community?
  8. Can Skogman fulfill the sponsorship obligation? (monetary, time, resources, people)
  9. Are the event organizers experienced and professional? Is the event well organized?
  10. Will the Skogman team support the event and use it to generate new customers?
  11. Is there an opportunity for Skogman employee/agent involvement?
  12. How many other sponsors/companies will be involved? How well will we stand out, and is a competitor a sponsor?
  13. What is the goal of the event and does it have a local connection?
  14. Is there an employee connection or interest?

We avoid sponsoring:

  • Political, partisan, or sectarian associations
  • Profit-seeking companies
  • Individuals for personal needs
  • Events or programs that have the risk of controversy and/or the possibility of negative publicity
  • Fundraisers and events that do not have a presence in communities that Skogman Companies serve.

Other Rules:

  • Any organization may receive only one donation or sponsorship per year.
  • Donations and sponsorships are not renewed automatically; a new application must be submitted each year.

Donation Request Form

Donation Request Form

Download the Donation Request Form (PDF) to submit a request.